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Test on Wednesday, March 4

Feb. 28
Notes from today are here S200228LightSpeed.pdf
Review for Wednesday's test is here Space Earth Moon Review.pdf

Feb. 26, 27 - Snow Days!

Feb. 25
Read and take notes from our other textbook pages 149-161
Make a vocabulary list from these pages as well.

Feb. 24
No notes today.
We did do an activity where we converted our own weight to what our weight would be on other planets.  Data table is here Weight on other planets.pdf
Short video that we watched is here


Feb. 21

Video from Nat Geo about Solar and Lunar Eclipses is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxrLRbkOwKs

Feb. 20
Notes are here S200220StartEclipse.pdf
Video of how a Lunar Dial on a grandfater clock works   

Feb. 19
Notes are here S200219MoonPhases.pdf

Feb. 18 (Tuesday)

Notes are here S20021GravityEarthMoon.pdf

Presidents' Day Weekend

Feb. 12

Notes from today are here S200212FrameOfReference.pdf

We watched clips from all of these to go along with the lesson.
Frames of reference (1960) up to time 4:00 is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJMYoj4hHqU
Fred Astaire Dancing on Ceiling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsoYyDlYU8M
Fred Astaire explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNSHjZmvZTM
SNL and Billie Eilish Dancing on ceiling  explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an76NRrV-zQ

We did not watch this one but it might be interesting to some students.
Actual dance scene from SNL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jn1Uwsg3eRQ


Earth Science Unit 3 Text is here
Student Website Help, Resources, and Activity Center is here http://glencoe.mheducation.com/sites/0078778026/

If the site says anything about FlashPlayer being blocked, then you need to use a different browser, like Internet Explorer

Unit 3:  Earth's Internal Processes

Unit Project 1
Unit Project 2
Unit Project 3

Chapter 10:  Plate Tectonics

Web Links
Target Your Reading
Standardized Test Practice
Chapter Review Quiz-English
Chapter Review Quiz-Spanish
Interactive Tutor
Concept Animations
Internet Lab
Section 1 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Section 2 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Section 3 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Virtual Lab

Chapter 11:  Earthquakes

Web Links
Target Your Reading
Standardized Test Practice
Chapter Review Quiz-English
Chapter Review Quiz-Spanish
Math Practice
Interactive Tutor
Concept Animations
Section 1 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Section 2 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Section 3 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Virtual Lab

Chapter 12:  Volcanoes

Web Links
Target Your Reading
Standardized Test Practice
Chapter Review Quiz-English
Chapter Review Quiz-Spanish
Math Practice
Interactive Tutor
Section 1 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Section 2 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Section 3 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.
Virtual Lab

Retake contract is here

Unit Test  (Feb. 7)

Test Prep
Earth Science 3 Study and Review Reading Guide.pdf
Earth Science 3 Study and Review Reading Guide Answers - old sort.pdf

Volcano Study guide worksheet.pdf

Earthquake Study Guide.pdf
Earthquake Study Guide Answer Key.pdf

Jan. 29
Activity using seimographs.  Discussion of Richter Scale
Handout is here Earthquake Study Guide.pdf

Jan. 28
Loma Prieta Earthquake video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K9mzTUUaQU

Jan. 27
Notes are here S200127EarthquakeStartChap11.pdf
P-wave animation is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rYjlVPU9U4
S-wave animation is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en4HptC0mQ4
Surface wave animation is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yXgfYHAS7c


Jan 21
Notes from today are here S200121VolcanicEruptionsAndSideEffects.pdf

Video on Ash

Taal Volcano 1

Taal Volcano 2
Taal Volcano 3
Taal Volcano 4

White Island New Zealand Volcano


Jan. 16
Worksheet given is here Pompeii the last day worksheet.pdf
Pompeii: The Last Day video from BBC is here

Jan. 15
Students were given a handout Volcano Study guide worksheet.pdf

Jan. 13
BBC  The Power of the Planet Earth - various short clips  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj8Z5p7CpHs

P1 Convergent Boundaries

P2 Transform Plate Boundaries

Jan. 9
Notes are here S200109ConvectionInTheEarth.pdf

Jan. 8
Read and take notes from our book pages 280-285
In the online textbook, these pages are numbered 284-289 and is found here
Finish question 18-25 on Reading and study guide.

Jan. 7
Buoyancy Lab - found here Buoyant Force Lab.pdf

Jan. 6
Welcome Back!
Earth Science Study and Reading guide is here: Earth Science Study and Reading guide.pdf
Notes from today are here S200106AfterBreakReview.pdf


                           Winter Break


Dec. 19
Online tone generator https://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/
Video of guy playing glasses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULiNR-k4m70
Glass Armonica video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WZExmtIJkI
Vibration speaker is called Power Pod 360 Vibration Speaker (made by Innovage) and is available on Amazon ($32) and Ebay (about $25 used).

I have not tried the smaller model but it does not look good to me and is called Power Pod 360 Junior. Keep away.

Dec. 18
Lots of demonstrations and activities with frequency and pitch.
Talking Tapes can be found here www.talkietapes.com
and here

Dec. 17
Notes are here S191217Waves2.pdf

Dec. 16
Notes from today are here S191216StartWaves.pdf


Dec. 13

Dec. 12
   Video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJS7hGMr0Ws

Dec. 10

Sea Floor Spreading video is here
Scientist too near a lava lake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egEGaBXG3Kg

Dec. 9

Notes from today are here S191209AlfredWegenerContinentalDrift.pdf
Alfred Wegener video is here
Another, better, Wegener video https://youtu.be/_5q8hzF9VVE

Start Earth Science Unit

PSAT Preparation on Khan Academy is here

Retake Contract for PS3 Test 2 is here Science Retake Contract PS3 Test 2.pdf
The retake contract requires a NEW Review to be completed.  Review is here PS test 2 Review 2019-2020.pdf

Nov. 22
Making final models based on peer input to turn in.
Video on how water samples are collected is here
                                                                        Best section is from 30 sec to about 2:30
Nov. 21
Groups worked on their general rule and presented it to the whole class.  Preliminary models were constructed and other groups got to comment on them.

Nov. 20
Tests were returned and we went over it.  Retake contact is above.

Nov. 19

Notes from today's activity are here S191119PeopleInTheBoatDay2.pdf

Nov. 18

First day of Modeling - no notes

Nov. 15
Test Day

Review is here PS test 2 Review 2019-2020.pdf
Answer Key for the review is here PS Test 2 Review answer Key.pdf

Nov. 14 - Lots of Review Materials posted today

Nov. 13
Second day of review notes are here S191113ReviewDay2.pdf

Nov. 12

The notes from going over the review in class are here S191112ReviewDay1.pdf
Answer Key for the review is here PS Test 2 Review answer Key.pdf

Nov. 11
Review that was handed out is here
PS test 2 Review 2019-2020.pdf


Nov. 8
Notes are here S191108BernoulliPart2.pdf

Nov. 7
Notes are here S191107StartBernoulli.pdf

Nov. 5
No School - Conferences

Nov. 4
The video that we watched with the sub:
Hovercraft Video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sDMOa5jqHA


Oct. 31
Notes are here S191031CollisionsMomentum.pdf

Oct. 30
Notes are here S191030StartCollisions.pdf

Oct. 29

Notes are here S191029UnitOrigins.pdf

Oct. 28
Egg Drop Day!


Project Assignment
Egg Drop Project Due Monday, Oct. 28      .
Egg Drop Project Assignment is here Egg Drop - Minimizing Negative Acceleration Revised 2019-2020.pdf
Egg Drop Grading Sheet is here Egg drop grading sheet 2019-2020b.pdf

Oct. 25
Notes are here S191025BodyRatios.pdf

Oct. 24
Notes are here S191024DimensionalAnalysisPractice.pdf
Steps to Solve Conversion Problems dimensional Analysis.pdf
Dimensional Analysis Worksheet is here Dimensional analysis 2019.pdf

Oct. 23
Notes from today ae here S191023AccFMADimensionalAnalysisStart.pdf

Oct. 22

We went over the Egg Drop Project and what was expected.  Students got all of the documentation concerning the requirements and the grading.

We also did some practice solving for acceleration.  
The handout is here Acceleration Worksheet ms 2019-2020.pdf

Oct. 21
Notes are here S191021Acceleration.pdf


Oct. 16
Starting a fire with a bow drill video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETzcTwxLx3M
Notes are here S191016ReductingFriction.pdf

Oct. 15

Notes are here S191015FactorsAffectingFrictionPt2.pdf

Oct. 14
Notes are here S191014FactorsFrictionLab.pdf
Lab for today is here Friction Lab - factors that affect friction activity 2019-2020.pdf


Oct. 11
Notes are here S191011StartFriction.pdf


Oct. 7

Notes from today are here S191007EstimationWithGraphs.pdf

Retake Information for First Test
Retake Contract is here Science Retake Contract.pdf
Reviews for use in meeting the retake requirements are here:
Review for first science test 2018-2019.pdf
     Review for PS Test 1 - part 2.pdf

Oct. 4 - The graph is homework if not finished in class

Notes from today are here S191004HeightAgeGraphs.pdf
Data Table for Girls is here data table for girls height vs age.pdf
Data table for boys is here data table for boys height vs age.pdf
Blank Graph paper is here Graph paper with divisions.pdf

Oct. 2
Notes are here S191002MisleadingGraphsb.pdf

Sept. 30
Notes are here S190930GoOverTest.pdf


Sept. 26
Notes are here S1909262ndLaw.pdf

Sept. 25 - Test Today

Review for test
1st review sheet is here
Review for first science test 2018-2019.pdf
Answers to 1st review are here PS Review for Test 1 with answers key.pdf

Review Sheet Part 2 is here Review for PS Test 1 - part 2.pdf
Answer key for the 2nd review is here PS Test 1 Review 2 Key.pdf


Sept. 19
Notes are here S190919PressureReview.pdf

Sept. 18
Notes are here S190918NewtonsThirdLaw.pdf

Sept. 17
Notes are here S190917LooseEndsAndPressureProblems.pdf

Sept. 16
Notes from our diagram drawing lesson are here Diagram Drawing Lesson Items to draw.pdf


Sept. 13
Notes are here S190913PressureDay3.pdf

Sept. 12
Notes are here S190912PressureDay2.pdf

Sept. 11
Notes are here S190911StartPressure.pdf


Sept. 6
Notes from today S190906PotentialEnergy.pdf

Sept. 5
Today's handout Review for first science test 2018-2019.pdf

Sept. 4
Notes are here S190604InertiaDay.pdf

Sept. 3
Notes from today are here S190903startFirstLawandForces.pdf


Aug. 29
Notes are here S190829CenterOfMassStabilityDay2.pdf

Aug. 28

Notes from today are here S190828CenterOfMassStart.pdf

Links (external):

Talking Tapes

Electronics Tutorials at www.electronics-tutorials.ws

Science Toys you can make

Inventor's Handbook

Invisible Inks

Bad Movie Physics

How everyday things are made

Edible Science


http://www.martindalecenter.com/      This is the reference site for just about EVERYTHING

Bad Science

Rube Goldberg

Science Toys you can make


Gauss Rifle

Home-made Van De Graff


Pop Pop Boats

Nuclear Power Plant Simulation

Toys made from junk (in India)

Huge Site with lots of links where you can build cool stuff for science


Directions for the Sled Kite are here sled kite directions.pdf

Science Supplies and Cool Toys to Buy

Archie McFee - Strange Toys and gags

Educational Innovations - A great science and science toy source

Arbor Scientific - one of my favorite science supply sites

Edmund Scientifics - a great,older company with lots of optics and new lines of stuff

I have not purchased from these sellers but they look interesting.

Explore4fun  Science Toy catalog

Geek Toys - for home and office

Electromagnetic Toys

DEAD Links

Trebuchet Challenge Game
Smoke Ring "Mighty Blaster"
Ripcord's Trebuchet Stuff
Audio and 3-D Sound