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Helping the World - A Mini Unit for Science

A Liter of Light video about 4 minutes

The key for the study guide is here  

Day 1
Today, students learned about technology that is being used in the developing countries around the world to change lives for the better.  

The videos that we will watch about bringing light into very impoverished homes are
 Hand Made Solar Plastic Bottle Light Bulb  - a little over 2 minutes
2.  A Liter of Light @ Night video about 4 minutes  

Pictures of poverty


After learning of a very simple way to bring light into many homes using a water-filled bottle, students are to research other examples to share with the class.  

The form that they should use is
 Helping People in Developing Countries with Technology  - an exploration.pdf

Below are examples that I found that will be discussed in class.  On Thursday I will bring in one of these for students to experience in class.

Voto is a charger and flashlight that works by putting part of it in a fire.
Window Socket is a solar charger that you attach to a window
Gravity Light is a light powered by gravity, such as hanging a backpack on it. Provides light and can charge things. Video
Eco-Cooler is a form of air conditioner that uses no electricity or moving parts, and no water.
LifeStraw company site and here is a picture in use (gross).  This is about the global water crisis. Sold here 
Ocean Wave Energy Source invented by a 9th grader
Solar powered grill stores the Sun's energy for cooking, even at night.


May 24
The Modern marvels that we watched on Renewable Energy is here 

May 23
We tested and modified the turbines made yesterday.

May 22
Instructions for today's wind turbine are here

May 21

The study guide that was given out today is here
The 10 minute video on the workings of a Dutch grist mill is here 
Farm Windmill operation is shown here 


May 17

Solar Tower Video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMWIgwvbrcM

Short version of the Mythbusters video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkkFjSa_r84

May 16
Going outside with lenses and solar ovens

May 15
Notes are here for water wheels